· S-(-)2, 2' -Bis(diphenylp-
hosphino)-1, 1' -binaphthyl

· R-(+)2, 2' -Bis(diphenylp-
hosphino)-1, 1' -binaphthyl

· racemic-2,2'-Bis(diphenyl

· Diphenylphosphinic acid
· Diphenylphosphinic chloride

·Add:Luancheng Pharmaceutical industry development park, Shijiazhuang, China
·Zip code : 051430
·Tel : +86-311-85500777
·Fax : +86-311-85500777
·Contact : Miss Liu

Founded in 2004, Shijiazhuang Shengjia Chemical Co, Ltd. is a hi-tech development company in Luancheng Pharmaceutical Industry Development Park, Shijiazhuang city. At present, Shengjia is a specialized researcher and developer of chiral chemicals, with a land of 8,000sqm, 4,000sqm of buildings, CNY 7 millions of fixed assets and 40 employees; we now can sell over CNY 10 millions of products every year.

Shengjia has established technical cooperative relationship with TNI (Japan) since our foundation. There are experienced technicians working for Shengjia now, 20 of them are professors and senior engineers. Moreover, Shengjia establishes cooperation relationship with Hebei Normal University, Hebei Chemical Academy and Tianjin University, etc, thus we are very skilled in the R&D of new products and technologies. Now, Shengjia has a set of multi-functional pilot plant, modern workshop, well-equipped research laboratory and complete inspection facilities.

Our main products include:

  • Chiral type:BINAP,R-BINAP,S-BINAP,(R)-(-)-3-Hydroxybutyric acid methyl ester, (S)-(+)-3-Hydroxybutyric acid methyl ester;
  • Pyridine nicotinic acid type: 2-Amino isonicotinic acid,2-Fluoronicotinic acid;
  • Others:Diphenylphosphinic chloride, Diphenylphosphinic acid, N,N'-Di(1-naphthy)-4,4-benzidine,Dimethyl-4-hydroxymethyl-1,3-dioxolane.

Sticking to such tenet of "Human-orient, be practical and creative" and relying on strict QC system, Shengjia is striving to offer you excellent quality and service. Shengjia sincerely welcomes your visit and business. Let's work together for mutual development.

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